Curtain wall

How to install Curtain wall

Today, we want to accompany you dear ones with the first specialized article in the field of work

Today, we want to accompany you dear ones with the first specialized article in the field of work of Negin Jam Company.
In this article, we want to share with you how to connect the Curtain wall in the facade of the building.

Curtain wall

What is Curtain wall?

The video below shows how to connect, carry and install the curtain wall on the facade of the building as an animation.
The video first shows how to connect, then assemble the lamellae and also how to transfer it to the floors using a climber.
At the end of the installation, the curtain wall is shown and after the installation of the glass.
It should be noted that this structure is assembled in the workshop and depending on the project conditions.
Balance of Curtin Wall members, accurate and strong connection.
use of standard sealing rubber as well as measurement to order glass are essential.
It should also be noted that curtain walls are prefabricated.
It should be modulated and made as a fabric so that in addition to making the facade more beautiful, its windows can also be ordered as a type.
Depending on the type of project, the size of the lamellae and the type of profile will vary.


Curtain wall

How to set up this Facade

In simple terms, a curtain view is a block in the vertical direction of a building.
This type of facade does not tolerate any kind of load except its own weight and environmental pressures.
These glass facades are not designed to help the skeleton and structure of the building withstand the loads.
In addition, they do not interfere in the transfer of dead and live cargo to the foundation of the building.
The implementation systems of this facade model are offered in a wide variety of types.
Pre-designed (off-the-peg) systems are often considered to be the specific systems of each company.
These proprietary systems are manufactured with standard and industrial details.
Curtin Wall custom bespoke systems are usually designed and manufactured specifically for a specific design or a purposeful design for each project.

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